Why Wouldn’t You Email to Them?

Demand Creation ‌• November 22, 2009

Focus is essential to success. Your products and services aren’t everything to everyone, they’re something to someone. So you should only market, especially by email, to those who have the absolute highest likelihood of buying, right? Wrong. People buy from people, and they investigate solutions recommended, or even pointed out by, people they trust.

If you sell a suite of services to Fortune 500 CFOs and their deputies, why wouldn’t you also want to send your offers to people in an operational role – like the VP of Ops or Field level folks? How many times in your life has a friend or colleague forwarded an email or called you and recalled something you recently discussed and pointed out a solution? “Hey Scott, I know you were talking about needing more lead generation and I just saw…”

Certainly you don’t want to go bananas and email everyone in a company from the CEO to the Janitor, but don’t ignore the eco-system around your end buyer. You never know what the chatter is at the water cooler, in meetings or over drinks after work. Make sure you are in front of everyone that makes sense – and give yourself artificially high awareness inside the account. Best of all, it doesn’t cost you any more to send 10,000 emails than it does to send 1. Good selling.

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