What is your definition of a “lead” ? |
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What is your definition of a “lead” ?

What is your definition of a “lead” ?

I am always intrigued when I meet with new customers to hear their definition of what a “lead” is.  For most, let me generalize and sum it up this way; “a lead is a prospective customer who is in the market for what it is that we are selling.”  The thing of it is, a prospective customer who “is in the market for what it is that you sell” may not be the best lead.When people already know they have a need for solving a known problem, chances are they developed that understanding because someone else already helped them learn about their particular issues.  More specifically, someone else already has planted seeds of preference and predisposition for using their product or service (not yours) to solve their problem.  That also means that when you get “leads” who are “in the market”, they likely come with neutral or more likely negative preference for your product or service.  You are simply an alternative for consideration.  These certainly aren’t the “Glenn Gary” leads.  Think about your mix of leads and the predisposition for your competition that may already be established.  What are you doing to nurture suspects into prospects into predisposed leads.  We’ll cover that in our next post.


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