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What Does Nurture Mean Anyway?

What Does Nurture Mean Anyway?

I am going to reference a blog post (http://tinyurl.com/m5mept) from a fellow “lead gener” who recently asked his audience a simple question about what to do with web leads; pounce, pause, nurture or wait?  It is an interesting question for sure as everyone seems to be looking for the magic recipe in lead nurturing.

The reality is that follow up is required.  How you follow up is highly dependent upon how your visitor landed on your web site or microsite to begin with.  As an example, if a visitor was “pulled” to your landing page by a pay per click ad, there is a good chance that visitor might be further along in a buy-cycle than say a visitor who was “pushed” to your landing page via an email that was sent to them.  Further, if the push email was from a rented, purchased, or borrowed list you really need to exercise caution with these contacts as your relationship with these contacts is very much in its infancy.

I guess the point I am trying to make is that there is a time to pounce, there is a time to pause, and in most cases taking a nurturing approach is the best approach.  When all else fails, try applying the golden rule – treat your prospects as you would like to be treated all things being equal and the tables turned.

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