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Twas The Night After JigSaw

Twas The Night After JigSaw

Wow, we woke up this morning to some serious white stuff – it will no doubt be a very white Christmas in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.  I had two choices this morning, fire up the snow blower or grab a cup of coffee and catch up on my favorite blogs.  The choice was obvious.

One of my favorite blogs is Garth’s World, the co-founder of JigSaw.  I chuckled when I read Garth’s latest post “Twas The Night Before Jigsaw.” What a clever prose.

It got me thinking though about how we all cavalierly throw around terms like “inquiries”, “leads” and “opportunities” like they all are somehow interchangeable.  Truth is, they are interconnected, but in my opinion not at all interchangeable.  Garth’s company, JigSaw, has done a brilliant job of creating a unique and valuable source of “contacts” for sales and marketing professionals everywhere.

But I thought it would be fun to talk about the night after JigSaw.  You know, the mess that ensues after all the presents (leads) have been unwrapped and the melancholy sets in for the good old days when everyone was buying and leads were as good as orders.  Frankly, I don’t remember when that was ever the case, but you know it does make a good story.  Today’s reality is that most people are not ready to buy when you are ready to sell.  This nurturing process takes a lot of time and an approach that is not “salesy” if there were such a word.  Taking a lead and nurturing it into an opportunity takes the combined effort of marketing and sales. So as you wind down 2009 and think about a new 2010, read this clever prose and I hope you will grin:

Twas the night after JigSaw and all through the office

Salespeople scurried and dialed but rarely an answer

And with the seldom connect, many did sigh as rejections were often

and many were without even a smile

So slog on they did go, with as much charm and charisma as they could muster

They dialed and dialed to speak with even an admin

And while some nice folk endured their tele-sales call

Rarely were any in the mood at all

Sometimes they are nice, most times they are ice

Go Rudolf, go Comet, dash away – dial way Vixen and Blitzen

Make your quota Dasher, Dancer and Prancer

Tell the boss man that leads are leads

In the year of 2010 what you really need

are qualified sales opps from

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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