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Too Old To Be Online – Humbug!

Too Old To Be Online – Humbug!

I am a huge fan of eMarketer ( research as they always have a daily dose of very useful research laced with lots of fun facts.  Today’s newsletter was all about new research that Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM) published regarding the online habits of seniors.  Interesting that 77% of those surveyed said they shop online, and 94% use email.  And to think that most researchers only thought the young kids knew how to use the internet.

It speaks to all those B2B naysayers who think that older executives are not online creatures.  If you are still thinking that your B2B audience is different and they don’t read email or go online – maybe these facts will help you recalibrate your thinking.

What are you doing to reach, engage, and nurture your online B2B audience?

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