3 Things You Want to do Right in an Economic Downturn

Demand Creation ‌• December 15, 2008

Should we all be reeling with fear and anxiety with every new horrifying economic headline? Maybe some should, but those who are focused on doing the right things right will see this new set of business challenges as they see all other challenges – as a new opportunity.

When times are tough, you are best positioned when you have the following three things:

Hand off more fresh leads that are sales ready

1. A compelling business value proposition that is tied to saving your prospect money
2. Aimed at a specific set of ideal customers who you know have the same business problem
3. Communicated with a well articulated sales pitch that a normal person can understand

Of course these are very obvious things. With that said, I challenge each of you to test your current marketing campaign messages and sales presentations against these three filters. Maybe you will find that you do have compelling value, but you are positioning for a growing market, not a shrinking one. Of course every company might need your product, but there are some who need it much more than others. Who are they and what attributes do they have in common. Finally, have you rewritten your marketing materials and sales presentations to deal with the shift from a bull market to a bear market?

Happy Selling To All of You!

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