The Sales Manager’s Guide to Unleashing Potential & Increasing Sales Motivation

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Today’s sales managers need to be ready to lead their team through any tough situation to reach business success. And a successful sales department is only as strong as the person bearing the torch. That leader needs to motivate and mold their shabby sales tales team into a successful group of sales sharks.

As a sales manager it’s your duty to create and maintain a highly effective sales process, while also encouraging your team team to be communal but competitive with one another. Success in the world of sales takes talent – but more importantly, it takes leaders who can sharpen that talent.

If you’re trying to unleash potential and motivate your team, try out these ideas and watch your sales take off!

Don’t Speak in Numbers, Have Conversations

Way too often sales meetings revolve primarily around the numbers. While this may be a crucial part of the job, it shouldn’t be the only way you speak to your employees. Instead of speaking about sales volume alone, have conversations with your staff about their techniques, campaigns and clients, instead. You can’t boost sales by shifting around numbers in a spreadsheet, but you can sell more if you help your employees improve their sales skills.

Supporting the Team

Building an effective sales team and building a customer base is what keeps businesses moving forward. Sales managers should provide the team with the information they need to be successful, remove any barriers to their success and do their best to make the path to purchase as frictionless as possible.

You should create sales goals, benchmarks, internal checkpoints while keeping each other accountable through both good and bad quarters alike. Create a sense of cohesion among the team so you can focus in on the topline sales and closing clients.

Coaching Abilities are a Necessity

As a sales manager, it’s important that you have the ability to coach people. A good coach is empathetic, fair and balanced, and tolerant, able to remember and reflect on what it was like when they were just starting out in the field. Additionally, you need to be willing to share skills, knowledge, and expertise for the good of the company. As a manager, you can no longer hold out on hot leads, promising strategies or guaranteed sales – you need to distribute them amongst your team.

Possessing the Capability to Develop Talent

Whereas coaching people deals with empathizing and connecting with your employees on a personal level to improve their abilities, developing talent takes the raw skill that’s there and unleashes the huge amount of potential behind it. To develop talent, you need to be able to recognize a person’s strong suits. Do they have strong people skills or are they better at technical analysis? Once you know the area in which they thrive, you can enhance that part of their skill set even further.

In-depth Knowledge of the Product, Service and Brand

The best sales managers always possess in-depth knowledge of what they’re selling, especially when it comes to the unique selling points of the products, services or brand. They should be able to explain to their team what their clients truly need and how your product fulfills that need. When your team is all on the same page the main selling points, you create a more consistent message overall. Put a personal spin on it – nothing works to inspire a sales team better than genuine, firsthand knowledge and experience.


Successful sales managers are experienced and qualified for the role that they occupy. It’s important that you were successful in a sales career before you move up and into the position of manager. Beyond that, you should also have experience managing people, either through previous management jobs or training courses. Because the world of sales can be so high pressure, those that aren’t ready for the responsibilities may fumble their big chance.

Get Out There and Get Your Team Selling!

If you want to unleash the potential of your sales team, try one of the above strategies to get them more motivated to sell. Success does take skill, and it’s your duty to harness that skill and turn it into cold, hard cash.

If you’re looking for more tips on sales management success, visit the OppSource blog for all kinds of useful and informative resources!

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