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The Power of Lead Management and Account Optimization

The Power of Lead Management and Account Optimization

What is account optimization? Put simply, it is taking the time, energy and focus to add valuable contacts to your account database once that company begins interacting with your digital marketing efforts. Why do this? Not only does it deepen the pool of contacts receiving and responding to your email nurturing offers, but when it is time to connect on the phone, there are many more individuals to try. Every sales person knows that the complex sales process requires involving many decision-makers and influencers to get the deal signed.

An enlightening statistic comes from one of OppSource’s long tenured customers. They have very good response rates to their ongoing email lead nurturing program – often over 1% of the database per message step. However, nearly 80% of the qualified sales opportunities have come from either a referral or with a person who was first ‘optimized’ as part of OppSource’s process. Imagine the amount of opportunities that would have been missed if the rigor hadn’t been in place to proactively identify these executives!

Lead Management, Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation will never be automatic. It will always require the human touch and relationship building. The statistic above helps prove it. This is in no way to say email nurturing does work – quite the contrary – but it does underscore how important having the deepest and widest view into your prospect accounts is for your overall success.

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