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The Power of Empathy

The Power of Empathy

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Let’s be honest. Our job isn’t what most people would call glamorous. Sexy TV show sets in the 60s aren’t made about sales development teams, and lead generation strategies don’t win awards like advertising campaigns do.

But that’s not why we do this.

As a sales development manager, you’ve chosen your reps based on certain qualities. Maybe you call them hunters, searching for the needle in the haystack. Perhaps they have a professional manner on the phone and are confident talking with C-level prospects. They might have tough skin, or are quick on their feet.

Of course, these qualities are essential. But there’s something deeper that drives them. It’s also what drives you as manager and me as a software trainer and my team down the hall as software developers.

For us, it’s all about empathy.

My team at OppSource spends our day helping our client Sales Development Reps (SDRs) connect with people who have a pain – a pain their solution is specifically designed to ease. Our Digital Researchers hand-select ideal prospects and deliver them right to our SDRs’ automated TouchPlans. Our software’s TouchPlan workflow automates clicks and streamlines their process, so they can spend their day having more conversations. Conversations are where they can listen to the contact’s pain, and offer help.

Because of this, we don’t want SDRs who’d rather research and disqualify all day. We don’t need power-dialing cold-callers who accept a brush-off just to check-off the attempt. It’s a waste of our passion. What we want is empathy.

So while the rest of marketing chases after the glamour, remember that we are making a very special group of very hardworking people’s lives a little bit easier. While you’re using our software to build pipeline, track performance metrics, and predict future sales, your team’s success depends on how badly your SDRs want to help people.

That’s why we do this!

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