The Numbers Don’t Lie: Digital Lead Nurturing Creates More Sales Converts

Demand Creation ‌• February 12, 2010

We recently did a deep dive analysis of conversation convert rates to qualified sales opportunities, comparing pure cold calling versus calling prospects on the back end of Digital Lead Nurturing. The first striking element was that it is no easier to get the prospect on the phone no matter what other marketing you have done – you still have to make the needed dials to connect and the success ratios here were not dramatically different between cold calling and lead nurturing follow-up.

The astounding statistic was the convert ratio on nurtured leads to sales opportunities versus cold calling. On average 6% of cold call conversations converted to a sales opportunity (after doing all that work to get in touch with them). Conversations with those that have been nurtured converted to sales opportunities as many as 35.29% of the time (in one month in Q1) and 25% of the time throughout the quarter on average. This is as high as 583% efficiency gain and 416% on average.

Hand off more fresh leads that are sales ready

I know the demand creation process I would choose!

Good selling.

Know the best time’s to reach out to prospects with Moment of Interest alerts

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