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The Case for a Managed Service

The Case for a Managed Service

Last week was a big innovation week for the marketing profession. At least that is what all the software firms want you to believe. had its big annual Dreamforce conference where CEO Marc Benioff declared many times in his opening remarks that many revolutions are occurring: social revolution, customer revolution, marketing revolution, partner revolution, employee revolution, etc. Clearly one of the best software sales guys that ever walked the planet. But really – a revolution?

Software firms would have you believe that all business problems can simply be solved with software. Their slick presentations and demonstrations lead you to believe in’s sell that you just “subscribe and go – it’s that easy.” The unfortunate reality is that many companies have made significant investments in “silver-bullet-software” only to end up with really expensive, cool-looking software that nobody in their organization knows how to use. Worse, many of these software solutions cut across different functional areas in an organization where stubborn user adoption and collaboration make these digital assembly line solutions useless.

After you ask yourself the questions we posed to you last week, here are a few more to consider before you get caught up in the “cloud revolution”:

  1. What objectives do we hope a new software solution will help us achieve?
  2. Have we assessed our current process flows to see where our current approach is breaking down?
  3. Do we have the appropriate skill sets, expertise and experience to implement and operate this software after we purchase it?

There’s a lot to think about. Certainly more than the marketing software vendors would like you to think. If you would like to learn more about the 5 pitfalls of Marketing Automation Platforms, click here to download our latest whitepaper, “5 Thing To Consider Before You Buy A MAP”.

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