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The Blessing (and Curse) of B2B Social Media

The Blessing (and Curse) of B2B Social Media

‘Tis the season for counting one’s blessings. And for the cynic in a few of us–the accompanying curses, too.

As I was preparing this week for a Thanksgiving break and an upcoming social media presentation with Mark Galloway at BMA MN (details below if you’re interested), I couldn’t help but find myself in that tenuous place between the blessing and the curse that is social media in B2B marketing land.

On the one hand, B2B social media can be an enormous game-changer. In a world that was formerly pretty dull with brochure-heavy websites and dry content, social media platforms have greatly extended B2B marketers’ abilities to reach new and existing clients in a personal and engaging manner. On the other hand, many B2B marketers frequently don’t use social media platforms as they were intended and end up missing the opportunity to engage altogether as they push the same dull, dry content through social platforms.

The key word with social media is engagement. It’s all about connecting on a 1:1 basis in order to forge a conversation or connection. Admittedly, this is the part that used to throw me for a loop because my only frame of reference for social media was as an individual user who used social media to connect with friends and family. The only companies I ever liked or followed were those with which I had a transactional B2C relationship so it was hard to imagine luring B2B prospects onto my stellar Facebook page.

The answer, of course, is in the content. If you’re using social media platforms to continue putting out dull, dry content that’s focused on yourself rather than thought-provoking, intelligent, interesting content that’s focused on the needs and interests of the prospect, you’re already losing the game. Social media platforms were created around an idea of interaction and that should be your ultimate goal. Social media is not a bullhorn.

Sure, there’s some curse in juggling varied platforms but all in all, social media for B2B is a good thing when used correctly–definitely one for which to be thankful.

For more information about the BMA MN event, visit them online.

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