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Study shows Sales wants MORE from Marketing

Study shows Sales wants MORE from Marketing

CSO Insights invests a great deal of time surveying the sales profession across a wide range of organizations globally.  One of the areas they drill down on is Lead Generation.  Their latest 2010 Lead Generation Study finds:

  • Over 49% of marketers report that 25% or less of the deals closed resulted from marketing-generated leads.
  • 49% of marketers said that sales would say the quality of their leads needs improvement.
  • 60% of them said that sales would say the quantity of leads generated needs improvement.
  • More than 54% of marketers say that less than 50% of leads result in a first call.
  • Over 65% of marketers say lead scoring is informal or nonexistent.

At first blush, the numbers don’t seem to tell a story different from previous years results.  The one area that is new is the concept of lead scoring.  As the relationship between Marketing and Sales continues to evolve, the sophistication with which they partner is evolving too.  Rather than the binary good/bad feedback from days past, today’s lead feedback loop is growing much more complex through lead scoring.  By creating a relative ranking for leads based on how close they come to the “ideal customer” attributes, it helps everyone involved in the process to optimize their efforts in generating and developing more “ideal” leads.

When feedback is measured in a more finite and objective fashion, it is received more positively and more importantly, it can be used to improve future outcomes.

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