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Social Media & Self Proclaiming PR — Bad Mix

Social Media & Self Proclaiming PR — Bad Mix

It seems today that every B2B marketer is rushing in to implement their “Social Media Strategy.”  Sadly, many companies are simply using these Social Media channels as a new self-promotion PR tactic.  I don’t know about you, but when a company pushes out self-proclaiming promotions via FaceBook, I get turned off.  That is a common reaction among many who I speak with.  Jeff Ernst of Forrester Research elaborates on this in his latest B2B Magazine post “Your Social Marketing Strategy Needs Some Big Ideas.”

I also have started following a new blogger, John Cook, who has a storied career in B2B marketing.  John is a fresh new face to the B2B blogging scene and brings some incredibly valuable insights.  One of his recent posts discusses several reasons why a “ready-shoot-aim” approach to Social Media is a bad mix.  The market realities that John points out are certainly unavoidable and are the drivers behind the gold-rush to Social Media.

I challenge all of us to think about how we can rise above simply posting our self-proclaiming PR to our respective Social Media Channels.  Instead, why not bring a little thought leadership to the problems our firms solve.  Just Sayin.

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