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SDR Viewpoint – Making Your Sales Day Count

SDR Viewpoint – Making Your Sales Day Count

By Katelyn Coletta

As a former Sales Development Representative, my favorite part of the day was having conversations with people. I loved that perfect moment of catching the prospect at just the right time, and quickly gaining their trust so they would open up to me and talk about their challenges. Setting a Sales Ready Opportunity meant that I had made a real connection with someone and was helping them have a better day knowing they could actually have a solution to their problem.

But too often, my conversation time was eaten up by research. The most challenging aspect in my pursuit efforts wasn’t getting past the assistant or overcoming objections as you might expect – I was slowed down the most by either not having enough net new contacts to pursue, or having completely wrong contact information. Many times I would dial and learn my contact had not been employed with a particular company for many years. Not only did this create a challenge for me to regain my credibility with the gatekeeper, but it also threatened my monthly quota.

As the SDR team lead, you already know that supplying your SDRs with fresh and accurate leads is critical for the success of your team. You have a couple options for accomplishing this. You can have the SDRs do their own research and append their own leads, purchase a large list from a list broker, or employ an individual dedicated to appending contacts daily. Let’s take a look at each of these options.

Taking time to append net new contacts, regardless of who does it, is time consuming. Asking your SDRs to do their own research decreases the time they’re able to spend prospecting – ultimately decreasing the total number of sales ready opportunities. Besides quota goals suffering, your SDR team may become discouraged. Your SDRs are people who enjoy making connections. They care about your company’s solution, and want to help their prospects solve problems. Being a successful researcher takes a much different skill set.  Asking SDRs to do research when they don’t really know how or don’t like to do research can damage a team’s morale, not to mention take valuable time away from them they need to retire the quota or goals they’ve been given.

When I was a SDR, my program used lists purchased from a list broker. My whole team ran into the same issues I did – contact data was either outdated or grossly inaccurate. While we weren’t fully responsible for researching our own data, we would have to spend time researching every time we found inaccurate information. Purchased lists can be a quick way to secure a large amount of information, but the percentage of useful contacts is never high. If you choose this route, be sure to lower your monthly sales-ready opportunity (SRO) goals for the SDRs to account for the research they will be required to do when the purchased data is inaccurate.

At OppSource we offer a better way. Our Digital Research Team combined with our PursuitPro™ system, uncovers contacts for our customers daily, providing the freshest and most accurate data to fill your SDRs’ prospecting funnel. Our Digital Researchers aren’t much for in-depth conversation with strangers…but they are quick with a keyboard and mouse. They know just where to look to find the titles you want within the companies you need. Each contact is found on either the company’s website or LinkedIn, so the quality of the work is high. Armed with our research process and tools, our customers’ SDRs are happier and more productive, and have substantially more time to engage with their target prospects all day long. It’s a win for everyone.

If you’d like to see more of how our PursuitPro and Digital Research Services can make your SDR team’s life easier, click here.

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