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How to Get Your Entire Sales Team on the Same Page

How to Get Your Entire Sales Team on the Same Page

Nothing can be a bigger drag on a project than a sales team that can’t communicate effectively. Salespeople around the country are facing larger and larger challenges every year. In order to be successful, they need to be equipped with crucial information to make knowledgeable sales decisions. If you’re trying to get everyone on your sales team in sync, you’ve come to the right place.

Here some tips to get your entire sales team on the same page. Let’s get started.

Do a Weekly Stand-up

While you don’t need to get into the most nuanced of details, a weekly stand-up meeting can keep everyone on your sales team informed on the most crucial information on a high level. For example, the whole company doesn’t necessarily need to be informed that Development assessed three spammers last Monday, but it would be useful to know that the support team saw a significant rise in customer questions about a specific product feature. Sales updates, progress and triumphs should be shared to encourage your team to take pride in the work that they’ve accomplished. Email out the notes of the meeting so those that are out at sales meetings can keep up with the company’s happenings.

Take Advantage of Sales Development Software

With modern sales development software, you can simplify and automate processes that in the past were time-consuming, manual tasks. You can track all prospects and leads in one centralized location to increase efficiency, distributing the necessary information to your team in an instant. Many sales development platforms track prospect history and automatically aggregates information in an easy-to-use dashboard. Not only that, it organizes a sales development representative’s (SDRs) entire sales day, letting them focus on the leads that matter.

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Set Your Annual Mission, Goals, Targets and Strategies

Without a mission, goal, target and strategy, you’re team is poised to lose. By defining these outright, you’re giving every salesperson something measurable to work toward. A mission should communicate your company’s overarching values, employees should embody these values themselve. Setting tangible goals lets you measure success against failure, separating the top performing and the low performing salespeople. Targets let the sales team aim their resources at the most opportune areas. A sales strategy is the roadmap that will get you to your desired destination.

Turn your overall mission into something that’s concrete, with prioritized goals and unambiguous success metrics.


Empower Employees with Communication Tools

The world is more connected than ever  — shouldn’t your sales team be too? Over the last half decade, technology has developed to provide the modern-day employee with powerful communication tools. Take, for example Slack for team collaboration, HipChat for group chats or Google Hangouts as an alternative to Skype video calls. GoToMeeting and WebEx make joining and participating in meetings easy, wherever you’re conferencing in from. On the account side, Basecamp and Asana have made assigning and discussing work projects with employees and clients simple.


Hold a Monthly Meeting

With a monthly meeting, you can dive deeper into the what’s happening within the company. It’s an effective way to hash out any on-going or burdensome issues that departments are facing. Even if there aren’t any major issues, it’s still a good idea to get together once a month and discuss business-related news. This keeps everyone excited in working towards the goals set, while also providing a venue to keep everyone aligned in their sales efforts.  


Have Salespeople Write about their Industry

Each individual salesperson on your team needs to be ahead on industry trends and buzz. Having them write quarterly articles on strategies or conferences will help them maintain a strong hand in what’s happening in their particular industry. You can post articles on your blog, or better yet, try to write for another publication and boost your potential audience. When your sales force is better informed about what’s going on in their world, they’re more likely to be on the same page.


Align Compensation to Align your Sales Team

Your employees work hard to get the sales they need to make their company stronger. And as selfless as you want your employees to act on the job, they’ll always have a keen interest in being properly compensated for the work they’re doing. Their interests as salespeople need to be aligned with your interests as a manager — as long as you provide the compensation they deserve, they will be more apt to work as a unit to deliver more sales.


Get More Sales by Getting Your Team on the Same Page!

With these tips, you can ensure that your whole sales team is communicating effectively. To get everyone on the same page, you need to give them the information and resources they need to identify crucial sales opportunities. With today’s challenges in the world of sales, you need ensure your entire sales team is working in unison. Use some of these tips to your advantage — good luck!

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