Mastering the Art of Effectively Handling Sales Operation Data

Content Marketing ‌• June 6, 2017

Sales Operation Data

Due to immense advances in the ways businesses now evaluate sales analytics, the task of sorting through a surplus of sales operations data can be overwhelming. Even trying to keep up with all the cutting edge software designed to simplify such complex information can be a struggle, especially if the duties are solely taken upon by one individual.

Being able to efficiently assess crucial data components such as examining CRM leads, forecasting industry trends, and successfully collaborating with other department teams like marketing are essential elements to mastering the interpretation of sales operation data. Take a look at these four steps you can implement into your sales operations role to minimize stress and maximize efficiency:

Department Integration

The ability to analyze and summarize aggregated data from distinct departments such as accounting, sales, marketing, etc., is a resourceful tool for tapping into your company’s potential as a whole. When every department’s data is organized and easily accessible, the clearer it becomes to act upon what trends are appearing to be promising, or where to cut corners financially. This means you should have organized files or spreadsheets that display everything from the latest online traffic numbers for video and print content to quarterly accounting figures, so you can swiftly sift through data to ensure nothing in the budget is going to waste.

CRM Formatting

When analyzing CRM, the importance of managing a thoroughly laid out database of client and prospect information is vital for determining which company practices are resulting in customer satisfaction. When organizing CRM data, construct a clear map of a wide variety of consumer trends, such as social media activity, email engagement, or ranking prospects in order of targeted potential. The key to effectively managing CRM information to assist in evaluating sales operations data is not focusing on what your customers have done, but figuring out what they’re about to do. Tracking your clients’ latest movement and decisions provides incredible insight that will support your sales force.

Discovering Technology

Keeping tabs on the latest developments in digital sales operations software and technology is another pivotal dynamic to effective data analysis. You should always be on the lookout for new resources of software that allows you to customize the organization of your spreadsheets, pie charts, and bar graphs. Technology that automatically updates you with lead generation, prospect activity, and the latest sales metrics will keep you in the driver’s seat when it comes to scouring through infinite sources of sales operation data. Also be sure to keep an eye on the latest improvements in mobile apps and iOS compatibility, so you can carry on with your tasks on-the-go.

Forecasting Tools

Being able to accurately predict the future of your company is partially the result of utilizing effective forecasting tools. These are the crucial resources responsible for keeping you in tune to the latest factors impacting lucrative sales territories, or assisting in determining which marketing investments are worthwhile. An efficient sales engagement platform will be able to instantly provide you with updated reports on content and advertising effectiveness, so you can predict the ways your target audiences will react to new marketing campaigns. These advanced analytics are an essential asset into the assessment of real time data, as well as predicting how spending habits and industry trends will shape the future of client and prospect engagement.

You’re Now a Master – Use Your Knowledge Wisely!
With these four steps, you can eliminate stress and improve efficiency of your sales operation process and data tracking. When you can conduct crucial functions, like examining CRM leads, forecasting industry trends, and integrate separate departments, you’ll be better positioned to master your sales data. Now that you have this information at their fingertips, you can tackle any new opportunity that will make the sale. Use this knowledge to your advantage – we wish you the best of luck with your data!

If you’re interested in learning more about sales data, measurement and reporting, visit the OppSource blog, where we offer industry-leading content about everything related to the modern-day world of sales.

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