The Best Sales Leader Blogs

Content Marketing ‌• May 3, 2017

The Best Sales Blogs

Looking for the best sales leader blogs on the Internet? OppSource has compiled the list of the best resources for those looking for sales trends, tips, buzz and industry news. Read on to learn more.

1) Zig Ziglar’s Blog

Best for: Sales leaders, managers, executives

Those in leadership positions will benefit most from the sales tycoon, Zig Ziglar’s blog. Featuring articles about realizing your full potential as a leader, to maintaining a healthy life balance, Ziglar, as one of the most renowned salespeople of the modern day, has a lot of good advice that he’s passing on to future sales leaders through this blog.

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2) Dale Carnegie Training Blog

Best for: Salespeople, sales development reps

Founded in 1912, Dale Carnegie Training has evolved from one man’s belief in the power of self-improvement to a performance-based training company with offices throughout the globe. The blog is focused on providing people in sales the ability to improve their selling skills and enhance their performance in order to build positive, consistent and profitable results.

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3) The Sales Leader

Best for: Sales leaders, managers

Colleen Francis, author of Nonstop Sales Boom, uses this bog to provide sales leaders the tools and tactics they need to drive measurable sales results. Her articles cover a wide variety of subjects, from sales management, leadership best practices and employee productivity This is a great place for those looking for a few quick tips to enhance your sales game.

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4) HubSpot Sales Blog

Best for: Salespeople, managers, executives

Whether you’re new to the world of sales or are a veteran of the job, HubSpot contains many valuable resources for the modern day salesperson, manager and executive alike. Contributors include many of the most well-known names in the sales world, including Art Sobczak, Grant Cardone, Jeff Hoffman, Anthony Iannarino, and more. From marketing best practices to email templates and leadership advice, HubSpot has a wide variety of content for all sorts of sales situations.

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5) Mary Kay Ash Foundation Blog

Best for: Saleswomen, sales representatives

Mary Kay Ash, a powerful businesswoman and founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, may have passed away in 2001, but her foundation’s blog continues to tout her positive messages of the role of women in business and throughout the world. She offers many articles about improving yourself as a leader, as well as related news about women’s issues. If you’re looking for a sales resources with a female slant, this is the blog for you.

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6) Joe Girard Sales Performance Blog

Best for: Salespeople, contractors & freelancers, business owners

Joe Girard is a well-known sales performance, psychology and mindset coach. His blog features many useful sales articles that you might not see elsewhere on the web. He’s got some of the most entertaining content out there — visit his blog for a twist on the traditional cut-and-dry articles that are normally dominant on sales blogs.

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7) OppSource Sales Blog

Best for: Salespeople, managers, executives

OppSource, an emerging software-as-a-solution (SaaS) company dedicated to simplifying and improving businesses sales systems, offers up well-researched blogs useful to the everyday salesperson, manager and executive. Based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, they offer up easily-digestible content with the goal of educating those in the midwestern sales industry to boost their practices and profits.

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8) Heinz Marketing Blog

Best for: Marketing managers, sales managers

For those wanting to stay informed on marketing news and trends (which every good salesperson should be doing), head over to the Heinz Marketing Blog for daily B2B sales and marketing insights. Filled with industry examples, studies and statistics, Heinz Marketing has assembled a good roster of content, perfect for today’s salesperson or marketing manager to stay informed about industry buzz.

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9) Jill Konrath’s Fresh Sales Strategies Blog

Best for: Salespeople

For the best sales tips in a quick and digestible form, visit Jill Konrath’s blog, where she provides the “fresh sales strategies” that you can use to move some numbers. The article topics revolve around useful sales best practices and provide insight into unique sales techniques, which make it perfect for the normal salesperson.

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10) Datanyze Blog

Best for: SaaS sales managers

Industry leaders and sales experts regularly contribute to this SaaS sales blog. With in-depth, highly-educational content that are chock-full of smart strategies, you’re almost guaranteed to find value in every post that you read. If you’re looking for SaaS news, this is the place to find it.

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