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Sales Efficiency Tools: Background

PursuitPro(™) by Oppsource is a revolutionary sales development platform, that gives teams the power of an all-in-one prospecting software. Featuring our customizable TouchPlans™, Moment-of-Interest™ Alerts and more, PursuitPro keeps your customers engaged throughout the entire sales cycle. If you’re searching for a comprehensive sales efficiency tool, OppSource’s PursuitPro was built for your success.


Features of PursuitPro



With our TouchPlans™, you can harness the power automating your sales campaigns by setting up prospecting workflows that can include single or multiple phone, email, voicemail and social touch points that makes it super easy to keep you in contact with every lead.


Moment-of-Interest™ Alerts

Never miss an opportunity with our Moment-of-Interest™ alerts. When prospects opt-in via web leads or when they respond to your TouchPlan emails, you get an immediate alert and the contact is prioritized to the top of your pursuit queue. By reaching out to a prospect in their moment of interest, you increase your connection chances by up to 9 times.


Sales Development Dashboard

We organize and prioritize all your prospecting efforts and give you everything you need at your fingertips with our Daily Pursuit Queue. Our integrated dashboard allows you to organize your day, prioritize sales prospecting calls and other outreach modes and keeps you focused on reaching your goals.


Contact Pursuit & Engagement

With our composite comprehensive contact engagement screen, we’ve eliminated the hassle associated with typical screen hopping and countless browser tabs when using certain CRM systems.


SDR Email Templates with Content

Easy-to-use and build email templates laced with engaging clickable content that drives prospect engagement and piques sales interest. SDRs can drag-and-drop elements to create compelling emails that get clicks.


Sales Ready Opportunity

We take all the lead history, prospect interactions and account intelligence gained with each engagement and automatically compile it into an  attractive, actionable, account-based opportunity report and deliver it to your sales team.


Day and Hour Report

Inform yourself instantly with which part of the day and week an SDR is getting the most success. Create a sense of accountability and keep your sales team focused on activities that get results.


SDR Performance Dashboard

Our SDR Performance Dashboard offers quick and easy SDR KPI reporting that is instantly ranked by performance. Increasing the competition within an SDR team will motivate them to improve.


TouchPlan Analytics Report

Without analytics, you would have nothing to compare sales efforts against. With PursuitPro’s real time analytics, SDR managers now have quick insights into what is working and what isn’t, so they can adjust their strategy accordingly.


SDR Goal Tracking

Monthly goal tracking lets managers track SDR sales performance, both individually and as a team.  


Fully Integrated Content Library

With a complete content library, it’s easy to find and use relevant content with email campaigns. Any SDR that sends emails should include content to capture powerful Moments-of-Interest interactions.


Powerful Territory Segmentation

Territory tracking and target audience selection filters allow SDRs to adjust and personalize their prospecting efforts to maximize their chances of closing a sale.


Powerful TouchPlan Management

The TouchPlan builder gives SDRs complete control over creating manageable and actionable prospecting workflows that include the optimal mix and volume of calls, voicemails, emails, and LinkedIn messages.


PursuitPro takes the unknown out of prospecting and enables SDRs to organize and color-code their TouchPlans into Moment-of-Interest, Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing workflows, ensuring their target market is covered.


Seamless CRM Integration to Salesforce

PursuitPro can be seamlessly integrated into Salesforce so SDRs never have to do dual data entry and all the lead history and intelligence can automatically flow into Salesforce where sales management can track all of their prospecting activities and never miss a beat.


Marketing Automation Integration

PursuitPro was built to intake all scored MQLs from your MAP system at those critical Moments-of-Interest. And the integration is done with precise campaign tracking that ensures your marketing team is getting specific and accurate campaign results for every passed MQL.


Powerful Cloud Phone System

Since its an open system, PursuitPro is compatible with your desired soft-phone VOIP system to enable click-to-dial and autodialing queues that fully-comply with FTC automated dialing regulations.

How OppSource Enables Your Sales Force

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OppSource is dedicated to improving your business processes so you can close more sales. The OppSource PursuitPro™ platform is a tested and proven sales efficiency tool that helps you manage and scale the prospecting process across SDR teams, large and small. PursuitPro™ automates and organizes your sales development day, giving you the ability to build your own sales development campaigns, while enabling you to deliver account-based sales-ready opportunities that SDRs can easily act on.

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