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How other systems are built on the old sales paradigm

As B2B sales organizations continue to transform how they organize and execute, they are finding that traditional CRM systems do not accommodate new workflows. CRM systems were designed around the “all-in-one” sales person who was responsible for all aspects of the sales process, from lead to revenue.



How we help SDRs and SDR Managers beat quotas

Today’s sales organizations are becoming functionally specialized. The resulting process and workflow changes require new, purpose-built technology to enable these specialist. OppSource’s Sales Development Platform was designed to enable dedicated sales prospecting and lead development teams. It’s centered around an account-based architecture that makes it much easier to manage and execute account-based sales development programs.

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“The OppSource solution is helping us drive more profitable growth and improving our ability to proactively reach our market. OppSource brings innovative thinking, strategic help, and is always looking ahead to how we as a customer can be more successful.”

Julie Ament Gran – Sr. Director of Field Operations and Execution

Lifetouch National School Studios

Julia Ament - Lifetouch - Sales Development Platform
Amalia Rosen

“Until we had OppSource, I didn’t realize how inefficient we were. Now, we can quickly and cost-effectively segment our database and send micro-targeted personalized messages to a few hundred people at a time. The results are impressive.”

Amelia Rosen, Vice President – Marketing


Beat your quota’s with TouchPlans™

It's hard to train persistence, it's easy to automate it. It takes an average of 8.5 touches before an SDR can get in touch with someone. So, are your SDRs going all the way? Find out with TouchPlans™

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Know when to reach out with Moment-of-Interest™ Alerts

Capture a lead at the exact moment they show interest in your brand. Whether they read a piece of content or submit a form, you’ll be notified immediately and have a nine times better chance of closing.

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High Touch Service

The OppSource platform is more than a piece of technology, it’s a crucial aspect of your success. We’ll help master your craft, as our customer success team is dedicated to making you feel supported in your role.

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Sick of inneficiencies of other tools?

Our tool is the best on the market built for teams

If you’re looking for a tool to improve efficiency, choose OppSource’s full suite of sales software. Our matrix allow you to find out what is working successfully and apply it to other leads.

For example, with our content library feature, team members can share high-quality assets through the platform so SDRs can replicate a process that works. You’ll also have easy access to the top emails with the best response rates.

At the end of the day, people, not companies, buy software. To sell, you need to engage in a conversation. OppSource will automate your sales processes so you can put the best content in front of the right people and open up a new line of communication.


Why pay people to sit around?

Have your SDR's always know their next step

With OppSource, you can always ensure that there’s another task in the pipeline for your SDRs. If you’ve already worked through your day, you can create a custom call queue in moments or set up a Moment-of-Interest™ Alert, helping the SDR stay engaged.

A salesperson wants to keep the energy up and the conversations flowing. They want to know that the work they’re doing is helping the the company move forward. Follow the process, and follow the plan, and know the sales team will follow-up diligently. All you need is the OppSource Sales Development Platform to give your SDRs the tools they need to execute the plan to perfection.

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