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"4 Back to Basics Sales Tips" -

Many of us would find the title of salesperson unappealing. Its connotation may be associated with pushiness, ruthlessness or other unsavory words.

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"Former Lawson Software execs' firm grows with sales-lead tech" Biz Journal

A trio of Lawson Software veterans are turning the sales-strategy advice their consulting firm offered businesses into technology that’s catching on with some big-name clients.

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"How Sales Development Representatives help 'close the deal'" - Digital Journal

The sales profession has always been celebrated by catch phrases like “closing the deal.” In today’s ever changing and increasingly competitive marketplace, however, sales development representatives are getting their share of attention...

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"10 Sales Tools for Growing Startups" -

Growing your business is all about gaining attention of potential users, converting them into leads, and then nurturing those leads through your sales funnel.

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"4 Keys to Setting up a Sale at The Right Moment" - Lifehack

Sales are made when solutions are aligned to meet the needs of the person you’re targeting. In order to address those sometimes specific needs, you have to do your homework.

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"OppSource’s Sales SaaS Is Scaling"

Sales volume is all about speed and Minneapolis-based OppSource is steadily ramping up sales of their own SaaS this year.

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Technology Changes the Role of the Sales ‘Road Warrior’

Sales development software like OppSource helps facilitate SDR's ability to enable 'road warriors' to get more closes.

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