Predictable Prospecting: Interview with Andy Zehren

Lead Nurturing ‌• November 30, 2017

Predictable Prospecting Episode 79 :

Meeting Sales Challenges – Andy Zehren



I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Marylou Tyler and discuss some challenges we all face as sales professionals.


We had a great discussion about the solutions and techniques we leverage at OppSource to help make your life easier and make more money.


You can listen to the full interview here


We discuss, amongst other things:

  • My background in different facets of sales, how I started as an SDR, and how each role has it’s specific challenges.
  • How I work with sales people at OppSource, helping them with solutions to be more productive and make their lives better.
  • Working smarter and hyper personalization. Average attempts at cold prospecting used to be four and now it is nine.
  • The importance of having strong software that helps with followups.
  • How OppSource simplifies the process of preparing for the sales workday using a smart technology solution.



Andy Zehren
Account Executive. Wants to build healthier, more effective sales organizations.

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