Overcoming the Myths and Lies of Sales and Marketing |
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Overcoming the Myths and Lies of Sales and Marketing

Overcoming the Myths and Lies of Sales and Marketing


Hear more on this topic at our November 7 webinar (space is limited—register now) featuring best-selling author Michael J. Nick and myself as we discuss facing—and overcoming—the myths and lies of B2B sales and marketing.

Sales says…

“A demo will show a prospect all the value he needs to see.”
“Discounting isn’t my fault.”

Marketing says…

“My marketing automation platform takes care of lead qualification.”
“A successful marketing campaign means instant results.”

Are you rolling your eyes as you read these statements? I bet you are—I also bet you hear comments like these all the time from your sales and marketing counterparts.

If you’ve ever wished you had a snappy comeback for the myths and lies of B2B sales and marketing, I invite you to join Michael J. Nick and me as we dig through the biggest myths and lies and get down to the realities behind them. We’ll give you practical advice for overcoming these everyday challenges, including:

  • How to stop coming in second
  • How to use a method that works instead of “the way we always do it”
  • How to stop relying on a marketing automation platform to handle all qualification

Selling in a complex B2B market isn’t easy, but it sure doesn’t get easier when you fall back on the myths and lies we’ve all heard our entire careers. Join Michael and me as we get to the bottom of it all—and help you move beyond the status quo.

PS – By attending this webinar, you’ll get exclusive access to a complimentary copy of our ebook, Sales and Marketing Myths, Lies, and Realities. Click here to register.

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