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Moment of Interest Marketing

Minutes Can Make or Break A Conversion

Finding the right prospects isn’t easy, so how are you making the most of every meaningful inquiry? More and more, B2B buyers are acting like consumers—the internet is not just their ally in researching, evaluating, and deciding on partners and products, it also provides them with the anonymity to seek and learn without making themselves known. Capitalizing on a demonstrated moment of interest leads to higher contact and conversion rates. Enabling Moment-of-Interest Marketing® requires:

Quick and Accurate Diagnosis

The ability to diagnose prospects quickly and accurately. Not all inquirers are prospects that fit in your Total Addressable Market (TAM). Unfortunately, many marketing processes today treat everyone the same. Rather than wasting time and credibility passing everything over the fence to Sales, you need to be able to assess incoming responders and identify whether they’re worth pursuing.

Track and Act

The ability to track and act on a prospect’s complete digital breadcrumbs. Automation tools do a great job of inciting interest and amassing responders, but it’s what you do with them once their interest is piqued that really matters. Using the information you’ve been given about who they are, their company, and what got them to respond, you should tailor subsequent messaging to match their demonstrated interest.

Voice to Voice

The ability to connect voice-to-voice. All follow-up is not created equally. OppSource believes that you have to have a personal interaction to gain an accurate diagnosis of a prospect. Simply relying on marketing automation scoring tools to qualify (email interaction, downloads, page visits, etc.) does not give you the full or accurate picture of a prospect and other account players.

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What our clients say about us

  • "When prospects do enter the buying cycle, our company is top of mind thanks to OppSource. It’s not just a one-time shot with our audiences anymore."
    Global Marketing DirectorMN-Based ERP Company
  • "Partnering with OppSource enables us to reach prospects in a more efficient, direct, and measurable way."
    VP Marketing GovDelivery
  • "The OppSource triage process ensures that the right prospects are followed up with immediately when they demonstrate interest. This means GovDelivery can easily track its marketing ROI through the entire funnel."
    VP MarketingGovDelivery
  • "OppSource is the most professional business outreach program I’ve worked with. They make our job of selling so much easier when we can talk with the right people at the right time."
    Chuck French, CEOUniphy Health
  • "Instead of just ignoring leads that aren’t immediately qualified, we now keep the conversation going, moving them down the continuum from awareness to preference."
    Global Marketing DirectorMN-Based ERP Company

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