Moment-of-Interest Marketing – It’s Not Just About Timing

Lead Nurturing ‌• July 23, 2012

We talk a lot about Moment-of-Interest (MOI) Marketing around here because we truly believe in its necessity. Piquing someone’s interest today doesn’t ensure they’ll remember who you are tomorrow–or even an hour from now–which is why pursuing prospects in the moment of their interest is crucial. I could go on and on about the whys and hows of following up as quickly as possible in order to maximize your message but I’d rather focus on something of equal–if not greater–importance: the follow-up content.

It dawned on me the other day that the phrase “moment-of-interest” can be seen as having two components to it, the moment and the interest, and each must be given its due. The moment is all about timing, connecting with the prospect right when he demonstrates a desire to know more about you. The interest is all about using what you know to elevate the discussion.

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It’s not just enough to immediately engage, anyone can send an automated email or pick up the phone based on a triggering interaction; follow-up must be purposeful and  based on the triggering interaction. Showing the prospect you care enough to get in touch immediately is great, but showing the prospect you care enough to get in touch immediately and provide complementary collateral/messaging to the resonating message is much better.

For example, if you were researching exhaust clamps for your vehicle and downloaded an overview brochure to learn more about a specific model, would a follow-up email asking you to signup for a newsletter be the best way to keep engaging you? Or would a follow-up email with tips for installing exhaust products be a better way to keep your interest? It works in the B2B space as well. If you were researching accounting software and downloaded a whitepaper on the future of SOX compliance (a titillating read, I’m sure), would you be more likely to stay interested if you got an auto-generated email leading you to a generic ‘library’ of whitepaper content or an email that included a checklist of top SOX violations every company can easily avoid and links to the last five blog posts the company has featured about SOX compliance?

When you elevate the discussion by responding to the data the prospect has given you, not only does the prospect stay engaged longer, you’re also already on your way to creating credibility and authority in the prospect’s mind. Focusing on response time alone is only half the battle–make sure your moment-of-interest efforts are truly responsive.

Know the best time’s to reach out to prospects with Moment of Interest alerts

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