Modern Sales Engagement makes Old Sales Persuasion Techniques Obsolete

Lead Nurturing ‌• October 23, 2017

modern sales engagement

The traditional techniques of sales persuasion are becoming obsolete as sales teams across various industries start recognizing the power of moment of interest engagements. Today’s consumer has more options than ever – if you’re interruptive, pushy, or annoying, the prospect can simply move on to the next organization. To keep them engaged with your brand, you need to be there at the moment the prospect shows interest.

When salespeople can reach out to a prospect at the exact moment they fill out a contact form, click a specific button on a website or download an ebook, the connection they make with your brand will become solidified. True engagement is not about persuading people, it’s about connecting with them at their moment of interest and engaging in a conversation.

What is Moment of Interest Sales?

The concept of moment of interest sales was developed around the idea that just because a prospect shows interest in your brand today, it doesn’t guarantee they’ll remember you in the future. That’s why connecting with prospects at the moment they show interest in your brand is so essential.

The moment of interest technique helps teams across various industries build better sales ready opportunities. When sales development representatives can hand off higher-quality leads to closers, your organization’s close rate will get a boost.

Choosing the Right Content and Timing the Delivery

In today’s fast-paced world of sales, good timing is critical. Delivering useful content to a prospect when they’ve shown interest is a better sales approach than interrupting them with traditional persuasion tactics.

It’s not enough to simply send out an automated email once someone reads your content – anyone can do that. First, you need to master the art of timing; it’s essential to connect with a prospect right when they show a desire to learn more about you. Secondly, you need to find content to deliver that will be effective at starting a conversation.

The follow up must be deliberate as it pertains to the action taken by the prospect. When you demonstrate that you care enough to reach out immediately and supplement it with relevant assets or messaging, the conversation can become that much deeper.

Here’s an example of moment of interest sales at work:

Let’s say a consumer is researching sales software, comes across a SaaS company’s website and downloads a demo version of their product to try it themselves. At this point, they’ve already shown that they’re more qualified to convert by the fact that they’ve become aware of your brand and shown interest in your product. How could you follow-up with them to move them further into your funnel? In order to get them to engage with a new platform, a tutorial may best serve them at this point. They’ll be happy you provided assistance and didn’t leave them high and dry to figure out the software for themselves.

Now, let’s say that same prospect downloaded a whitepaper on sales solutions instead of the demo trial. The same tutorial most likely wouldn’t be of much use to them. Instead, you could follow-up with an email that included a variety of related content featured on your blog for them to read. Or, supplement the whitepaper with a explanation video or webinar discussing the topic.

As a salesperson who is trying to capture consumers at their moment of interest, pay attention to what they are telling you. What content are they consuming, how are they interacting with it and how can you keep them engaged for longer periods of time? When you find the right combination of timing and content, you’re on the right path to developing credibility in the mind of the prospect.  

Increase sales by 9X with Moment of Interest™ Alerts

OppSource created Moment of Interest™ Alerts so SDR teams can take advantage of actionable leads and capitalize on timely opportunities. On many sales platforms, data that SDR teams are calling on can be dated, sometimes working off of lists that are weeks old. Moment-of-Interest™ Alerts from OppSource will remove that latency.

With Moment-of-Interest™ Alerts, your SDRs have the power to respond to requests almost immediately. As soon as someone reads your brand content or submits a contact form, you’ll be notified so you can reach out to that user at their moment of interest. When you act quickly, conversions increase. In fact, catching people within 20 minutes of their first interaction increases your likelihood of connecting with them by nine times.

Conversations are the most important driver of sales. You can’t open up new opportunities until you engage in conversation with the customer. OppSource’s Moment-of-Interest™ alerts lets you direct your sales team to have more meaningful conversations, dramatically increasing the chance of a sale because you’re engaging them when your brand is fresh in their minds.

Are you looking for a better way to engage prospects? Try OppSource and build more sales ready opportunities.

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