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Minnesota Nice…and so much more!

Minnesota Nice…and so much more!

Photo by: Doug Wallick, licensed under CC
Whether you’re a Minnesotan or not, you know we have a certain culture up here. We’re reserved yet polite, our goodbyes last twenty minutes, and our State Fair is legendary. We have big potlucks with tater tot hot dishes, we drink pop instead of soda, and we love to draw out our vowels, doncha know?

“You betchas” and enormous winter coats aside, being a Minnesotan has great advantages. These advantages impact who we are at work – and define our homegrown companies’ personalities too. As a St. Paul company, OppSource has all the qualities you’d expect from a native Minnesotan.


We’re a hard working bunch

Blame it on the cold winters – but we Minnesotans are tough. We have a “get-er-done” attitude when we approach challenges, and always strive for better. Don’t believe me? Try getting through winter without a steely resolve.

Loyal to a fault

In Minnesota, our roots run deep, with strong ties to family and community. Because of this, we tend to be pretty loyal. Once you’re one of us, you can bet your boots we’re gonna fight for ya!


We’re home to some of the nation’s leading tech companies. When it comes to technological research and advances, we’re striving to make the world a better place.

Wholesome and good for you

A deep sense of right and wrong runs through everything we do. Beyond just “getting ahead,” we care about building businesses that are good for the community.


If you’re reading this, chances are you have a business that you’re trying to grow. Establishing a strong Sales Development process and team is how forward thinkers are building their companies for the long term. With OppSource, you can have technologically progressive tool designed to help you do this – plus all the Minnesota qualities you want from a partnership-minded company.

Let’s build your sales development engine together.


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