Messy Desk, Messy Day

Lifestyle ‌• November 27, 2017

My physical environment contributes to my mood and seems to be the perfect reflection of how I’m feeling on the inside, whether I’ve acknowledged it or not.


A messy desk equals a messy day. You know that nagging feeling when you go on vacation and you forgot to unload the dishwasher? It seems the whole trip back from wherever I’ve been all I can think about is the fact that I have to unload the dishwasher as soon as I return from vacation. Coming into work on a Monday morning triggers a similar response.



Did I remember to file that stack of papers? Do I have a to-do list ready for Monday morning? It’s hard to start your week off on the right foot when you’re trying to clean up from the week before.


Our friends at SnackNation have a great list of little changes that can make a big impact in how to make sure your work space isn’t making work harder than it should be.


Happy Organizing!


Cece Harris
Customer Success Ops Manager. CX Fanatic, Driven by a plan and a solution.

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