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Meeting Prospects Where They Are

Meeting Prospects Where They Are

What did you read online two days ago?

I know–it’s Monday. Let’s go easier: what’s one thing you read online two days ago?

No clue? Me either. And if it’s true for us, it’s doubly true for your prospects. In an age where many of us spend the better part of our working day in front of a screen of some type, inundated by emails, images, and links, it’s hard to cultivate mind share that lasts. This is why Moment-of-Interest Marketing™ is imperative. If you’re not connecting with prospects when they show interest, you risk becoming ‘another thing I looked at online yesterday.’

Meeting your prospects where they are, in their actual moment of interest, is no easy task. You need a solid system, content library, and team behind you in order to follow up when interest is shown. This means:

  • Tracking digital footprint (email opens, downloads, page visits from emails or content, etc.)
  • Having complementary, supplementary collateral and information on deck
  • Utilizing a call team that can quickly interact with a prospect (based on the tracked digital footprint and with the aid of the supplemental collateral) to either route the prospect as a lead, put them into a nurturing queue, or disqualify them

It’s an involved process to be sure. Capitalizing on the moment of interest requires synchronized execution and interdepartmental collaboration, not to mention a reliable system supporting it. Here are a few ways Marketing can lead the charge:

  1. Take hold of today’s processes. How is follow-up executed currently? To what success? How fast are you able to connect with a prospect when interest is shown?
  2. Map the ‘connecting content’ you have (or can easily produce). ‘Connecting content’ is the complementary content that enhances the original interest shown by the prospect. How can you elevate the conversation?
  3. Understand how your systems can (or can’t) support your objective. If you’re using a Marketing Automation Platform, you can probably get some good supporting processes in place, but without the ability to connect voice-to-voice, your moment-of-interest follow up will lack significant powers of diagnosis and accuracy.

Don’t be ‘another thing I looked at online yesterday.’ Make Moment-of-Interest Marketing™ a reality and meet your prospects where they are.

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