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Sales and Marketing Alignment


Sales and Marketing Alignment Guide

We’ve been in your shoes, and we know how important it is to start with the end in mind—with your desired lead quality outcomes—to build a customized process that brings your Sales and Marketing teams together in agreement on lead definitions. Read the Guide >>

Sales Ready Opportunity Report

Sales-Ready Opportunity Report

An OppSource Sales-Ready Opportunity

Take a look at an example Sales-Ready Opportunity Report, a complete dossier that includes account intelligence, account-centric pursuit summary information as well as a life of a lead report. Download the Report >>

Sales And Marketing Realities eBook


Sales and Marketing Myths, Lies, and Realities

In these pages are realities. We’ve broken down some of the most common thoughts, feelings, and adages you’ve heard over and over again and dug down to the truth behind them. Download the eBook >>

Marketing Luck Infographic


Infographic: St. Patrick’s Day – Marketing Luck

If you’re still hoping for luck from the same old tactics, take a look at our St.Patrick’s Day-themed infographic and see 3 things you shouldn’t rely on. Download the Infographic >>

Independence Day Infographic


Infographic: Independence Day – Lead Management

When it comes to ensuring a strong end to the year, getting your sales and marketing teams on the same page is crucial to your success. Besides, you never know what oohs and ahs your joint success might inspire for you and your leadership team! Download the Infographic >>

marketing automation platform ebook


eBook: How to fill the ROI gap with your MAP

A staggering 85% of marketing automation platform adopters don’t believe they’re using their MAP to its fullest potential. Don’t become part of the statistic; learn how to increase your marketing automation success.  Download the eBook >>

What our clients say about us

  • "When prospects do enter the buying cycle, our company is top of mind thanks to OppSource. It’s not just a one-time shot with our audiences anymore."
    Global Marketing DirectorMN-Based ERP Company
  • "OppSource is the most professional business outreach program I’ve worked with. They make our job of selling so much easier when we can talk with the right people at the right time."
    Chuck French, CEOUniphy Health
  • "The OppSource triage process ensures that the right prospects are followed up with immediately when they demonstrate interest. This means GovDelivery can easily track its marketing ROI through the entire funnel."
    VP MarketingGovDelivery
  • "Partnering with OppSource enables us to reach prospects in a more efficient, direct, and measurable way."
    VP Marketing GovDelivery
  • "Instead of just ignoring leads that aren’t immediately qualified, we now keep the conversation going, moving them down the continuum from awareness to preference."
    Global Marketing DirectorMN-Based ERP Company

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