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How Will You Get Your Fair Share of New Buyers in 2011?

How Will You Get Your Fair Share of New Buyers in 2011?

The new year has brought with it a great deal of excitement and hope for a much brighter business climate. The headlines suggest that corporations are flush with cash and have good intentions for spending on everything from plant, technology, and even people.

New research from Sirius Decisions suggests however, that we B2B marketeers better rethink how we capture our fair share of this expanding market opportunity. Their 2010 research suggests that 58% of B2B inquiries were initiated from the web and they project this to grow to 71% by 2015.

Even if you discount their research for a typical margin of error, you cannot ignore inbound marketing tactics in this new market environment if you expect to get your fair share of new buyers.

  1. What is your inbound marketing game plan?
  2. What is your content marketing strategy to attract and engage these inquisitive web leads?
  3. What lead management and nurturing process are you going to use to make sure that your growing list of web leads are properly scored, nurtured, and qualified?




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