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MAPs and Moment-of-Interest

MAPs and Moment-of-Interest

OppSource has proven that Moment-of-Interest (MOI) follow-up leads to terrific sales connect rates and conversations. Are you leveraging MOI processes on the back-end of your marketing automation process? If not, you are losing out on opportunity. There are critical sales and marketing alignment factors that you need to consider to make this a reality. Fair warning, they are not easy to do.

  • You must have your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) configured to synch with your CRM system on a very regular basis, under 15 minutes ideally. Work with your software providers to make this happen.
  • Workflows and/or rules must be configured to instantly alert via email your designated sales representative that they have a new marketing qualified lead (MQL).
  • Establishing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with your Marketing and Sales teams is key – how quickly will they follow-up and how will they track their activities and outcomes? MOI falls apart after 30 minutes – a tight window you must make happen.
  • Develop strong reporting based on the CRM activity tracking you set up. Monitor it daily, weekly and monthly and publish outcomes to all relevant parties (sales, marketing and management) to continually refine your lead scoring and MQL thresholds.
  • Once leads are following and follow-up is occurring, be sure you have the proper campaign and lead source tracking in your opportunities, otherwise pipeline will be disconnected from all of the hard work your team did to get it to this point.

It is no secret that to achieve these kinds of follow-up windows you will need dedicated personnel, or at the very least a team of personnel, who can cover net-new marketing qualified leads as they come in. Moment-of-Interest follow-up drives up connect rates by as much as 6x, saving a lot of time and of course money in the long run.

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