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Sales ‌• August 19, 2009

I track and follow a few prominent bloggers, one of which is Seth Godin.  Seth had a recent post called “The Talking Pad“.

Seth’s point is one of those pet-peeves that has always irked me since my days my days as a corporate soldier.  Microsoft popularized this behavior and somehow it has spread and is now commonplace, especially among the younger generations.  I suspect their logic goes something like this ~ ‘Hey I have to write it on paper and then go type it into an email, CRM, or project management system – that doesn’t make any sense.  I’ll save that time by just flipping the lid open and taking the notes digitally and save myself lots of time…’

Problem is, that selfish thinking totally excludes the notion that people like to talk to people – not nerds typing on a keyboard.  Besides, what is worse is that many times those nerds aren’t even taking notes – they are chatting with friends, checking email, or worse – checking and updating their facebook page.

I guess it all boils down to manners and respect.  When it comes to meeting with strangers for the first time, you just don’t sit down and flip your lid – its disrespectful!

In my humble opinion (IMHO).

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