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General ‌• October 11, 2012

Last week, we picked up our Inc. 5000 award in Phoenix, Arizona at the Inc. 500 | 5000 conference. It was definitely a very proud moment for OppSource, especially as I consider what it means to be ranked #68 among Marketing & Advertising peers and #615 overall.

Seeing the sessions at last week’s conference, I was reminded that leadership comes in many forms, but with a common driver focused on growth: how do I grow the business? How do I grow my employees’ skills? How do I grow my clients’ successes?

For OppSource, growth has meant partnering with great clients to keep moving us all ahead. And when I say ‘partnering’, I really mean it. Our business model is such that we are right in the marketing trenches with our clients and their success truly is ours. It’s all about a shared vision for growth. No matter the client, however, there are a few concepts that always ring true:

  • Flexibility is key. Growth plans will inevitably change (for you and for your client) and adapting to the next turn in the road efficiently and effectively will keep everyone moving forward.
  • Hard decisions can’t be made in a vacuum. Although it is sometimes more tempting to choose a path just to get on one, you may end up sacrificing the bigger growth picture by making rash decisions on your own or with insufficient data.
  • Growth is more than a word. Sure, we all want our businesses to grow—who doesn’t? Without a consistent, reliable way to track and measure growth, however, how will you chart your success? Surely this concept is not news to you, but you’d be surprised how common it is for companies to have almost no grasp of their growth numbers.

Leading for growth is all about focusing on the right things. How do you lead for growth?

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