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Sales Engagement Platforms

OppSource | Lead Tracking Software: Pursuit Pro

Since 2008, OppSource has been the leader in business-to-business sales and marketing. OppSource was born out of the need to provide businesses with better sales solutions by leveraging data and technology. Over the past decade, we’ve developed sales software that lets businesses identify and follow business leads, reduce their marketing costs and design better and more effective sales campaigns to generate more valuable prospects.

PursuitPro™ Sales Development Platform, for example, automates and organizes your sales development day, gives you the flexibility to create your own sales development campaigns and enables you to deliver account-based sales ready opportunities for sales teams to take advantage of.

Today’s SDRs Need the Best Sales Tools to be Successful

The key mission of a sales development representative (SDR) is to find valuable leads and hand them off to sales people. Success in this position requires tracking prospects’ behavior, determining if and when they are ready to buy, and beating out competitors at reaching them at the most crucial time — when they’re interested.

The team behind OppSource is passionate about helping other businesses grow by educating them on how to optimize marketing campaigns and generate business leads. The OppSource PursuitPro platform was developed with this idea at the forefront of its creation. Ready to win at lead tracking? Read on to learn more.

PursuitPro Provides a Better Lead Tracking System

The core of successful lead management starts with the alignment of marketing and sales. Put simply: a dedication to collaboration. Marketing must know what sales actually define as a lead and what opportunities and attributes to look for to capture and develop the right leads.

When marketing and sales aren’t in sync with one another, it’s harder to follow up with prospects repeatedly so that leads don’t grow cold. This is where lead tracking software comes into play.

Lead tracking software allows sales development representatives to shift their focus to prospects with the highest chance of conversion. Sales teams can close more deals when they know the best people to contact, when to contact them, what to say and how to say it.

In order to take your sales efforts to the next level, you need a powerful lead tracking software that makes your sales process more efficient and opens up opportunities that are passing you by.

PursuitPro is the Best Lead Tracking Software for B2B Sales Teams

One of the keys to winning sales is having access to the right tools. Lead tracking software helps sales development teams reach the finish line first by giving them the edge that they need. Sales automation software has revolutionized the way modern SDRs do their job by providing them with a centralized system to oversee all of their activities, while preventing them from becoming overwhelmed.

If you’re looking for ways to improve optimize your sales cycle, PursuitPro offers useful features that will boost your B2B sales development teams.

Automate your Lead Flow with TouchPlans™

With PursuitPro’s TouchPlans, you’re now able to automate sales campaigns by setting up prospecting workflows that can include single or multiple phone, email, voicemail and social touch points. This makes it incredibly simple to maintain your database of contacts and keep in touch with every valuable lead. With our tools, you can make contacting leads simple and stress-free.

For example, with our Day and Hour Reporting tool, you  can:

  • Know ideal time to contact leads
  • Drill down to contact details
  • Analyze the optimal outreach mode

Make More Sales with Powerful TouchPlan Management

TouchPlan provides an impressive building function that gives SDRs control over developing manageable and actionable prospecting workflows. When your salespeople are using the optimal mix and volume of calls, voicemails, emails, LinkedIn messages and more, they’re more likely to make more sales.

PursuitPro takes the guesswork out of prospecting and lets SDRs organize and color-code their TouchPlans into Moment-of-Interest, Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing workflows, ensuring their hitting their target market every time.


Gain Insight with TouchPlan Analytics Reporting

Analytics are what you need to keep track of your successes and failures. PursuitPro is integrated with real time analytics, giving SDR’s access to valuable insights into where strengths and weaknesses lie. With these data, you can tweak your sales strategy to incrementally boost performance benchmarks.

Sales Development Dashboard: Everything at Your Fingertips

With PursuitPro’s Daily Pursuit Queue, you have access to each and every prospect at the touch of a button. Featuring an integrated dashboard, this function acts as a daily planner, organizing and prioritizing all your sales prospecting calls and other outreach efforts to keep you focused on meeting sales objectives. The Daily Pursuit Queue simplifies your sales development day around the way you work.


The executive dashboard logs all digital and personal interactions and describes them in detail—where each lead originated, the number of interactions, when they occurred, who they occurred with (name and title), a description of each interaction, a current score and additional customized attributes. Lead origination metrics are related to specific marketing activities and may include details such as the percent of positive responses, number of opened emails and who opened them, etc.

With these essential marketing metrics, SDRs can drill down to see the progression of all leads, as well as each specific lead that is being nurtured through the lead cycle—from initial interest, education, preference—until they become a qualified sales opportunity.

We also integrated a real-time SDR Scorecard which lets you:

  • Always know your progress towards a goal  
  • See pace versus actual
  • See SDR team progress towards a goal

Generate More Leads with Moment-of-Interest™ Alerts

You’re 9-50x more likely to connect with a prospect when you call within 20 minutes or less of their digital activity. They have a topic on their brain that you want to talk to them about. But sometimes follow-up with digital leads after a digital action can seem “creepy” if not done appropriately.

With PursuitPro’s concierge approach, your sales team can focus the conversation around user experience, making sure the prospect was able to successfully access content, asking open ended questions of interest and assisting in finding additional content. Actually connecting with prospects in their moment of interest helps nurture the lead, and can provide them with content specific or relevant to them.

Identify Valuable Sales Opportunities

With opportunity scoring, you can track the characteristics and demographics of your most valuable customer. Identifying ideal sales opportunities makes your sales team’s jobs easier. Instead of blindly throwing a dart at the board and hoping it sticks, they can now hit a bullseye every time. Our flexible scoring configuration accommodates your company’s opportunity scoring model (e.g. ANUM, BANT, FANUM, etc.)

PursuitPro can deliver sales a neatly organized, account-based opportunity report with all historical lead development activity in an actionable form that sales reps will want to pursue. Never miss an opportunity again.

Simple and Effective Social Media Integration

It’s easy to connect your social media accounts to the OppSource lead tracking platform. With automated links to key social media sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Insideview, and access to new data plug-ins, you can make social prospecting a breeze. With over 2.5 billion people in the world using social media, this is a powerful resource that you need to take advantage of.

With our social media features you get:

  • One-click social selling
  • Easy access to social profiles
  • Access to prospect’s online posts
  • Personalized prospect engagement

Marketing Automation Integration

PursuitPro was built to intake all scored marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) from your marketing automation platform (MAP) system at those critical Moments-of-Interest. The integration is done with precise campaign tracking to ensure that your marketing team receives 100-percent accurate campaign results for every passed MQL.

When sales and marketing align, your sales will grow. With PursuitPro, you can integrate any marketing system into our sales-driven platform to improve your sales processes and increase your revenue.  

Take Your Emails to the Next Level

With our fully-integrated content library, you can easily browse and apply relevant content to your email campaigns. Setup your own content library in your sales development campaigns, which is all tracked back to your Moment-of-Interest alerts. Any SDR that sends emails should include content to capture powerful Moments-of-Interest interactions and capitalize on the recent exposure of your brand.

With our one-click email templates you can setup your own data-driven campaigns to enable personalized sales development outreach.

Additionally, you can:

  • Add your own content
  • Build analytically-driven templates
  • Setup automated SDR campaigns


Seamless CRM Integration to Salesforce

PursuitPro can be seamlessly integrated into Salesforce so SDRs never have to do dual data entry. Another plus, is that all of your lead history and intelligence can automatically flow into Salesforce where sales management can track all of their prospecting activities.

As the fastest growing cloud company ever, Salesforce continues to be the number one choice for sales teams across the country. They’ve been spending billions on acquisitions in the past few years to increase their strength, showing that they’re deemed to stay on top. You need a lead tracking software like PursuitPro that works flawlessly with the software giant.

Sales Development Campaigns  

with our PursuitPlans™ you can create single or multiple phone, email, voicemail and social touch points that make it easy for you to consistently stay on top of every lead. With PursuitPlans, you get the tools you need to succeed, including:


  • Contact Engagement – An all-in-one contact engagement screen that eliminates the typical screen hopping required when using CRM systems for sales development activities. This makes everyone’s job easier.
  • Auto-dialer – Fully compliant automated and sequenced click-to-dial calling for any pursuit queues. With this feature, your salespeople can reach out to more people in a fraction of the time.
  • Account Intelligence Tracking – With our Attribute Builder, you can setup custom fields for tracking account and contact intelligence. This supports your sales development efforts by allowing your salespeople to identify key characteristics within a target demographic.

Management Visibility To Easily Scale SDR Team

With PursuitPro, it’s easier to scale an SDR team. By allowing you to manage your marketing campaigns more efficiently, this lead tracking software will open up sales opportunities you never knew existed. If you’re looking to expand, you need a high-caliber software to get the job done.


Take a look at some of the sales development benefits below:


With PursuitPro’s SDR Team Dashboard, you can:

  • See who is performing best
  • View daily SDR scorecard metrics
  • Analyze time-based SDR data


With PursuitPro’s SDR Campaign Management, you can:

  • Setup cross-team campaigns
  • Add your own content
  • Automate SDR campaign flows


With PursuitPro’s SDR Campaign Dashboard, you can

  • Analyze the best campaigns
  • See what content is driving results
  • Find out which campaigns are driving SROs


Choose PursuitPro and You’re Ready to Go!

Lead management is a process that takes a high-degree of focus, discipline and effort. OppSource PursuitPro provides the people, process and technology to focus on lead management 100 percent of the time — allowing your team to focus on the sales-ready leads that drive revenue.

SDRs shouldn’t be expected to remember every contact interaction, sales deadline and prospect appointment. It’s not uncommon for mistakes to be made from time to time as they manage leads. But with powerful features such as Moment-of-Interest Alerts, TouchPlans, PursuitPlans and numerous dashboards, scorecards and sales tools, PursuitPro has become one of the most trusted lead tracking software platforms among SDRs around the country.

Dedicated to Your Sales Success

OppSource is dedicated to improving your sales processes so you can improve your business. The OppSource PursuitPro platform is a proven lead tracking tool that helps you manage and scale the your sales process across SDR teams, large and small. In an industry where timing is everything, OppSource Pursuit Pro lets today’s SDRs know when the time is right.

We’d love to talk to you about how we can help your company improve your lead tracking process.

Are you ready to improve the efficiency of your SDR team? Let’s go! click the button below.

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Oppsource’s PursuitPro makes it easier for your sales team to always know their next step.

Sales Engagement Platforms
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