Oppsource lead management services: We help marketing generate and nurture leads that sales actually want! Our lead management services cover every piece of the demand pursuit puzzle. From your integrated lead generation campaign, to strategically nurturing potential customers, to getting (and keeping) a clean database that’s aligned with your total addressable market. We will help you get measurable return on your investments while increasing the velocity of your sales ready leads and pipeline growth. We offer two categories of services, lead generation and lead nurturing.

Lead Generation Services

Email Marketing

If you need help generating inquiries that fit your total addressable market, OppSource can help. We assess all of your content,categorize by buyer persona and set up a multi-touch inquiry generation program.
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Inbound Marketing

We will assess your current inbound capture strategy and fine tune to make sure the experience is positive, efficient and eventually leads to conversion.
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Social Media Marketing

Along with email and inbound lead generation, OppSource will work with you to construct a more productive social media strategy to boost your online presence.Read More

Event Marketing

OppSource will help you through the entire pre-event (getting people there) and post-event (following up with attendees and non-attendees)marketing process.
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List Purchasing

Marketing campaign success all starts with having a database full of your total addressable market.
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List Augmentation

We will help you analyze your existing database and come up with a strategy to clean it and keep it healthy.
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Lead Nurturing Services

Lead Qualification

The purpose of lead qualification is to keep wasted effort from happening and develop opportunities where you’re having the right conversation with the right potential customer.
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OppSource’s highly-trained team of internal, on-site Business Development Executives connect with and qualify leads to understand their specific needs and to accurately diagnose a next step.
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Role-Based Content Marketing

A strong generalized message is great to get them in the door, now it’s time to customize their experience with your brand through role-based content marketing.
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Business Development Reach-Out

The OppSource business development reach-out process includes a very personalized, one-to-one style communication based on certain campaign criteria chosen by you.
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Sales Ready Opportunities

These pre-qualified leads have affirmed issues, declared interest and are ready to speak to a subject-matter expert. Learn more about our sales ready lead delivery or you can  view an example life-of-a-lead report.
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To learn more about our lead management services, take a look at our lead management services brochure.
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A few of our core capabilities

Moment of Interest Marketing

Pursue prospects at their exact moment of interest.
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MAP and CRM Integration

Our processes and purpose-built DemandPursuit Desktop integrate seamlessly with your MAP and CRM systems.

Lead Scoring

Incorporating both digital marketing and human touches to a prospect’s score will show you the entire pursuit picture.
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DemandPursuit Desktop

Complete inquiry-to-close metrics make sales pipeline development more predictable.
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Account-Based Marketing

Through account-based marketing, you can re-engineer your lead process to leverage the advantages of automation and ensure each lead you hand off to your sales team is vetted, qualified and – most importantly – truly sales-ready.
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Automated Lead Filtering

Boost sales’ productivity by only pursuing inquires that exist in your total addressable market. Read our Automated Lead Filtering white paper >>