Lead Capture: Deliberate Action Versus Forced Reaction |
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Lead Capture: Deliberate Action Versus Forced Reaction

Lead Capture: Deliberate Action Versus Forced Reaction

Many organizations are trying to figure out how to get the highest quality and the most information possible from their web forms. Some companies try to optimize by varying how many questions they ask. Still others change pick-list values on a regular basis to mitigate abandon rates. One piece of the puzzle often overlooked is empowering the prospect to quickly pick and choose what they are most interested in, then use your marketing tools to score accordingly. Instead of offering one login to a resources page, why not offer several top performing pieces and let the prospect choose only the ones they want? Letting the prospect see a synopsis or teaser when rolling over the choice can help drive interest as well.

Deliberate actions should score higher than forced reactions. What I mean by forced reactions is making someone choose a pick-list value or enter free text to proceed to the asset page. How many times have you just “picked whatever” in order to get through the form gate? No process is ever completely perfect, but you can count on the fact if a prospect proactively chooses the asset they want, not only will they fill out the form more accurately (I want that piece, I better give a real email address), but you can also bank that they are more interested than others who don’t exactly know what to expect from your resource library.

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