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Marketing ‌• January 22, 2010

A lot of marketers today try to over-complicate their messages, cramming too many offers, value statements or content into one piece. Think of most corporate web sites – you can go anywhere and everywhere with no specific messages. Often companies copy this approach into email marketing. Not only can simpler messages be more effective, but lead to less confusion and more qualified contacts when the prospect responds. When thinking about your offer and messaging approach, remember the following story about the Space Race between the USA and USSR. Both realized they needed a way for Astronauts and Cosmonauts to take notes on experiments in space. The United States embarked on a program to develop a pressurized ink pen that could write in zero gravity. It cost about a million dollars and worked very well….

The Soviets used a pencil.

Hand off more fresh leads that are sales ready

Sometimes simpler is more cost effective and leads to the same or better results.

Disclaimer: I am not a fan of the Soviet Union.

Good selling!

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