[Infographic] Still relying on marketing luck? |
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[Infographic] Still relying on marketing luck?

[Infographic] Still relying on marketing luck?

Cut to the chase and download the infographic here.

In thinking about St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, I started thinking about how we all rely on luck every day. Luck to hit that green light, luck that the weather will comply with our weekend plans, and, in this line of work, luck that our marketing gambles will pay off.

Some of marketing does come down to luck. No matter the data and planning that goes into a campaign or an event or an asset, sometimes it just doesn’t generate the results you expected. While you do have to roll with the punches at times, there are some sure bets around the ways you should stop relying on luck, namely in how you’re communicating with prospects.

There are countless surveys and reports out there that talk about marketing trends and we’ve compiled a St. Paddy’s infographic that talks to some critical ways the same old tactics and vehicles just aren’t working anymore, including:

  • Emails that aren’t mobile compatible (Nearly 40% of email is opened on a mobile device according to Litmus)
  • Case studies (Consumption of case studies has gone down by 22% in three years according to Eccolo Media)
  • Not knowing where to socially reach prospects and thought leaders (LinkedIn is the most popular social channel among B2B marketers according to a 2013 B2B Content Marketing Report)

May the luck of the marketer be with you!

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