How to Handle the Biggest Myths and Lies in B2B Sales and Marketing

Uncategorized ‌• November 18, 2013

The truth about marketing and salesWant more on this topic? View the webinar recording or download the ebook.

Working in B2B Sales or Marketing, you’re confronted daily not only with the myths and lies that are constantly told and re-told as fact, but also with the ramifications of believing them. Although it can be difficult, acknowledging the myths that surround us is the only way to overcome them.

Here are some thoughts on addressing a few of the most persistent myths that I hear over and over again working with OppSource clients (download the webinar recording and full ebook to get more practical advice from me and my co-presenter Michael Nick):

  • “Hot Leads Always Result in a WIN.” If only. Here’s a hot tip for you—hot leads usually aren’t hot. Oftentimes someone who pops up on your radar and appears ready to go already has a buying decision made and just needs to quickly vet out the competition. Sure bluebirds still come in occasionally, but taking the time to develop promising opportunities rather than pouncing on “hot leads” is a better use of time.
  • “I don’t need sales tools, they’re simply a crutch.”  Tools are all about shifting the prospect’s mindset. They’re not gimmicks or misleading; they’re meant to help the prospect see where he is today and how he can be more successful with your solution. The biggest loss in B2B sales comes from a prospect declining to make a decision at all, so using something like a value calculator can push that prospect over the tipping point.
  • “Our Marketing Automation Platform always identifies the most qualified leads for our sales team.” MAPs are great at many things, like tracking a hand-raiser’s digital footprint or sending a nurturing email based on previous activity. However, I work with companies every day that think their MAPs are handling everything seamlessly and after processing over 4 million B2B inquiries, I can tell you with certainty that they’re not. MAPs are great tools in the B2B lead-gen arsenal, but you still need more insight into what is actually going on in an prospective account before a lead gets to a salesperson—especially if you want that salesperson to consider the lead qualified and actually put effort into pursing and engaging.

Myths and lies won’t go away overnight, but arming yourself with the ability to identify and address them is a great start. Check out the webinar recording and ebook and then let’s connect and discuss how you can improve your sales and marketing success.

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