How Mobile Will Impact B2B Lead Generation in 2011

Demand Creation ‌• December 31, 2010

The buzz around Mobile is palpable, especially with the frenzy that tablet computing has stirred in 2010.  Apple’s introduction of the iPad has eclipsed every prediction of both pessimistic and optimistic critic.  I found myself challenging the wisdom of Apple with their introduction of the iPad but by August a senior executive at one of our largest customers had pushed me across the chasm and I too became an early iPad fanatic.

The momentum behind tablet computing has stirred the “mobile buzz” to all time heights.  The questions we B2B marketers are are now asking relates to how the iPad and next generation mobile devices will change our marketing and lead generation plans for 2011?  Recently released data by Forbes Insights suggests that mobile device computing has become the defacto platform for 82% of the C-Suite executives surveyed.   What struck me most, was that 73% of these surveyed executives see their smartphone as their primary communications platform.


With this level of mobile device adoption in the C-Suite, it is only a matter of time before pervasive adoption throughout the management ranks follows suit.  Given this momentum, here are three areas we at OppSource will be focusing on in 2011:

1. Form factor design – With such a large portion of the target audience vetting and viewing their email and search results on their mobile devices, the design of digital communication must take these smaller screen mediums into account.

2. Eliminate use of Flash – It was one of the most awesome web technologies invented… until the iPhone came along and then it wasn’t as awesome anymore.  It is so frustrating to click through on a link on your smartphone or iPad only to end up on a screen that says you must first download flash.  Of course there is no flash download if you are on an Apple mobile device or many others for that matter.  Even better, get smart fast on HTML5 as an alternative for incorporating animated/video designs for mobile users.

3. Optimize downloads around mobile – nobody wants to wait forever to download some onerously large pdf or video file.  Take your users to smart landing pages and microsites where informative content descriptions give mobile visitors the best chance for selecting content that is most relavent to them.

Here are a couple of very helpful articles and sites that go into great detail about optimizing content for mobile:


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