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How Many Touches? A Sales Development Representative’s Magic Number

How Many Touches? A Sales Development Representative’s Magic Number

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If you’re a sales developer, you find qualified prospects for the service or product you’re selling and accomplish this with consistent and persistent follow-ups. You have the unique task of balancing a high enough quantity of lead pursuits with quality prospect engagements, conversations and conversions. Seems simple enough right? Except it gets complicated because it’s not simply one or two prospect leads you have to keep track of.

A sales developer has anywhere from 10, to 30, to even 50 unique prospect contacts each day and they have to keep track of where each of them are in their touch plan. Most sales developers are forced to use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system like to manage their efforts. Problem is these systems were never designed for a focused full-time sales development rep to automate their prospecting efforts. Net, net, their CRM tools are just not adequate enough to manage the everyday cascade of leads that need multiple touches across a 2-3 week timeframe.

In today’s world, where so many business-to-business buyers are overwhelmed with all sorts of harassing marketing emails or phone calls, qualified prospects are more difficult to identify. Being a successful sales development rep (SDR), you know you have to create a “Touch-Point Plan” that enables you discover which tactics (email, phone dial attempts, number of voicemails, social media direct messages) best suit your outreach model and your target audience. You know that you have to smartly use these varied tactics to more efficiently find qualified sales-ready opportunities. But after implementing your prospecting game plan, you realize there are not enough hours in the day to have valuable contact with each prospect while also keeping track of his or her next step.

So, how many touches? Marketing experts agree that it takes anywhere from 7-13 touches (emails, voicemails, and phone calls) to have a legitimate conversation with a prospect that may lead to identifying a qualified potential buyer.

Simple math can conclude that 7+ touches per 30+ prospect leads each day can add up to an immense amount of logging time that sales developers just don’t have! How is the sales developer supposed to keep track of where each unique prospect is in the touch-point plan in course of weeks or months?

This prospecting bottleneck using dedicated and full-time sales developers is why traditional CRM systems do not provide the enabling capability that today’s dedicated SDR needs. A Sales Development Platform like OppSource gives the opportunity for companies, and specifically sales development representatives, to focus on buyer relationships and people-to-people engagements, rather than juggling numbers and doing data entry in a spreadsheet and in a CRM.

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