The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Sales

Uncategorized ‌• March 6, 2018

Let’s start with a situation you’re probably familiar with.


You’re on a call – managing all of the forces under your control. Your headset is turned up to 11 to drown out the distracting voices of your coworkers all around you. Your pen is gripped tightly in your dominant hand, ready to start ripping across the legal pad under your palm. You continue to listen intently to the prospect, and then they rattle off something like:


…in six months we will start budgeting out the new fiscal year, and our main objective is going to be looking at solutions like yours. The decision maker at that time will most likely not be me, it will be {first name} {last name}…”


Suddenly the tip of your pen begins dashing across the page as you struggle to jot down the gist of what the prospect is saying. You get what you think is necessary, and have to take a little extra time after the prospect stops speaking to finish writing, leaving a pregnant pause.


Your notes amount to:



“Will be ready in six months, the right contact is {first name}, {misspelled last name}.”


Wow… Did you have enough room on that legal pad?


This situation, while maybe not exactly what you experience, is the basic process of how critical information gets lost. The prospect above gave you:


  • The scope of their fiscal year,
  • The decision maker in six months
  • The perfect time to call back
  • Confirmation that they will be entering a buying cycle


Since it doesn’t immediately impact your quota, this information often gets filtered out by that thing between the phone and the notepad. Your ears.


And why shouldn’t it get filtered out?


It won’t affect your quota for six months, and you need to convert leads today. Slowing down to plan out that future outreach would take you away your momentum. You want to keep dialing until you hit your number. Sure you’ll come back to them in six months (4 if you’re on fire), but lets face it: you need to stay on top of today.

Bottom Line:

Automating data entry is a win for sales Managers and Reps.

After every conversation, machine learning can pick out and sort each piece critical information, from the systems a company uses to the fiscal year they budget for. And as a rep, wouldn’t it be easier to have a relevant conversation in six months if you could transcribe every little detail in the conversation, not just what the prospect said about buying? You could start the conversation off with relevant pleasantries and impress upon them that you pay attention and have a mind for details. This is one of the key benefits of OppSource Aptitude ™.

Imagine having an assistant that could rapidly transcribe the entire conversation, pick out the meat of it to create action items, schedule your call backs and future outreach, and even score the conversation for you.


There are Solutions and there are Tools.


Instead of being one of many in a sea of tools, OppSource has added AI in the form of machine learning to our solution. Our platform already offers a comprehensive stack of functions for sales engagement

  • Call and email TouchPlan Workflows
  • Social outreach plans
  • Automated workflows
  • Instant alerts when prospects interact with your content


By adding AI to our B2B prospecting solution, we’ve created an all-in-one experience where reps don’t have to jump from CRM to Gmail to a VOIP and then back again. Everything lives in one place, and automatically syncs with the other systems.


At the end of the day, sales engagement platforms shouldn’t create more work for reps.


They should give you more to work with.




Sam McCue
Inbound Marketing guru, avid fisherman, and all-around backcountry enthusiast.

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