Enabling Moment-of-Interest Marketing™: 4 Challenges to Overcome |
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Enabling Moment-of-Interest Marketing™: 4 Challenges to Overcome

Enabling Moment-of-Interest Marketing™: 4 Challenges to Overcome

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So how do you make the most of a prospect’s demonstrated interest in order to win at that moment of truth? By implementing Moment-of-Interest Marketing™ best practices. To do so, you’ll first want to address four challenge areas endemic to almost every organization:As B2B buyers bring more and more of their consumer habits to their B2B purchasing efforts, winning at the critical moment–the Zero Moment of Truth as Google calls it–is all the more crucial to producing (and measuring) marketing’s ROI. Where a B2B buyer may have formerly called a sales line directly or filled out a Contact Us form and alerted you of his interest, he’s now able to seek (and decide) without alerting you.

  1. Know what the prospect really goes through. Oftentimes, we automate processes that work great for us but aren’t really optimal for our prospects. Going undercover to experience your company the way your prospects do is a great way to ensure a logical, consistent, compelling brand experience while also ensuring your back-end processes work how you expect (i.e., did you get added to an email nurturing queue after you downloaded something? Did you receive a 1:1 reach-out?).
  2. Determine your breaking points. Do you actually know where your breaking points are? (If you’ve gone undercover as outlined in #1, you probably have a better idea) Is there any chance you can implement Moment-of-Interest Marketing™ with how your teams are aligned today?
  3. Do something about the silos. Sales and marketing living in silos is nothing new–but what are you doing about it? Charting clear responsibilities, expectations, and measurements is critical if you ever hope to make the most of prospects’ moments of interest. (Read more about smarketing love in our archives.)
  4. Rework those dated workflows. Your technology has to work with you, not against you. MAPs and CRMs are great, but they’re tools, not brains. If you’re using technology to automate unproductive workflows, automation only makes them unproductive faster. Take stock of your systems, their setup, and their ownership and restructure accordingly.

There are certainly more challenges than these (if someone wants to share tips for building your own printing press for additional campaign funding, I’m all ears), but these are the biggest hurdles we see clients face every day. What’s your biggest challenge?

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