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Don’t Be Fooled by the Promise of a Tool!

Don’t Be Fooled by the Promise of a Tool!

If you are hiring sales development reps, no doubt you have been solicited by an endless stream of tools vendors hawking their flavor of the perfect tool.  Don’t be fooled and fall for the promise of the “tool”.  For those of us who have built and scaled successful sales development teams, we know that tools are only as good as the process they enable.

Whether you are building a team of sales developers or you are a team of one, a defined, repeatable, measurable and scalable process is needed to orchestrate the multiple touches it takes to successfully pursue sales leads in today’s marketplace.  If you want to build a top-of-the-funnel process that will drive sales-ready opportunities into your pipeline, you will need a process-driven platform.  Platforms bring you the combination of process and tools and give you the ability to measure and scale best-practice touch plans across your whole team. Without a sales development platform that incorporates not just feature-rich tools, but is driven by data and event triggers, you may just be using tools to hammer nails, rather than building volume and velocity into your company’s sales pipeline.

Sales companies employing dedicated prospecting/sales development teams must use a rigorous process-driven system if they expect to scale a team of SDRs and be able to reassign records quickly and accurately. Process-driven sales development platforms are “smart enough” to know how to switch SDR ownership so that leads currently in an automated touch plan, and being sent out under one SDR can be reassigned and automatically sent out by the reassigned SDR.  Simple sales development “tools” just were never designed with that kind of team smarts! A process-driven system gives the SDR marketing content and lets them develop and automatically execute their own sales development campaigns. It gives the opportunity for SDRs to uniformly position their pursuit efforts so further touch points can be tracked and automated—the list goes on!

So let’s drill this in. Tools are meant to aid individual SDRs in pursuing prospective leads. A process-driven solution aids entire teams of sales developers. It is a shameless plug, I understand, but OppSource’s PursuitPro™ was built around many years of experience in developing rigorous and automated processes. It was purpose-built for teams of SDRs so it can organize and manage the distinct prospecting efforts of one, to ten, to hundreds of sales development representatives! The complete process-driven platform provides the opportunity for growth and efficiency of your sales development team, by completing automated work in the background—leaving the fine details of individual prospect pursuit to the individual SDR.

For more information on how the OppSource PursuitPro™ Platform can be utilized by you or your company, please give us a call (1-877-742-8880) or click here to schedule a no-obligation demonstration.

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