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Do Silver Bullets Actually Work?

Do Silver Bullets Actually Work?

I recently had a conversation with one of our customers who was excitedly telling me about some new technology he is implementing. The technology he was excited about was predictive analytics that would allow him to take sales wins from the past and be able to predict which leads/prospects are most likely to be future customers. Pretty cool stuff.

But that conversation got me thinking about how that would impact his sales team. For sure, it will help narrow down the list of likely leads that a sales professional should follow up on. But then what? Does it change the actual work required to get connected with, complete discovery and qualification, and identify the exact problem/solution positioning that he/she will need to use in convincing the prospect to part with their money? Doubtful.

Technology innovation, in this case, predictive analytics, does enable a well-designed lead management process to eliminate a great deal of wasted lead development work on leads that are not predicted to be good. However, eliminating this unproductive work does not change the level of effort, smart pursuit, and persistence that are still required with the remaining leads predicted to be ripe for sales.

At OppSource we love technology innovation. We also know that any use of technology without a solid and well thought out process is doomed as just another silver bullet that failed to hit the target. If you’d like to learn more about the six best practices of lead development and would like to speak with one of our experts about your own lead management processes, please reach out – we’d love to help!

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