The Cost of Sales Engagement Software

Sales Development ‌• December 18, 2017

For years companies have gotten by giving their BDR teams a Salesforce license and telling them “Go forth and dial!”


More and more B2B sales teams are adopting sales engagement tools as a way to help their teams do more in any given day. The value prop is the same across the board: higher efficiency, more deals in the pipeline, and more revenue. The topic in sales prospecting nobody is talking about, however, is the cost.


Cost Per User

Standard seat costs are fairly uniform across companies, and start right around $100/user. The Average VP of Sales won’t flinch at this number, so we find it to be fairly accurate. Sure, you can negotiate a lower price if you’re selling a 100-seat deal, but expect to hear the Account Executive come in around there if you’re not the largest fish in the sea.



Cost of Integration

When it comes to integrating your sales engagement platform with your CRM, it’s usually a flat fee based on the scope of the deal. The more data there is, the higher the cost. With some sales prospecting platforms, the integration varies based on what level of service you’ve purchased – this can also have an effect on the per user price.




Cost of Telephony (VOIP)


The costs of a dialer built into your sales engagement platform is the most ambiguous, because some systems build it into their own pricing while others decide to partner.


  • A provider building a dialer into the platform’s pricing may keep your costs down.
  • On the negative side, building it in shackles the user to a telephony provider.


If you choose to integrate a dialer separately, it may serve you better in the longer run. For example, OppSource partners with RingCentral because we prefer their suite of tools for video conferencing, video collaboration, and dialing, but we also allow users to choose a different provider if it better fits their needs.


Cost of Additional Software Licenses

If you are flirting with the idea of a sales engagement platform built on top of the platform, then you’re in for some redundancies. Full functionality in this instance is going to require you to equip all your reps with SFDC licenses of some level. Some companies will build this into their user pricing, much like the dialer. Now you’re looking at a license for a single SDR that is worth somewhere north of $160/ month.


This begs the question: how badly does an SDR need access to the CRM?


When I was an SDR, I used my Salesforce for one thing – the last-minute scramble before the dreaded “monthly pipeline review.” Otherwise, I bet I logged into Salesforce maybe twice a month. The bottom line, is that sales development reps don’t need a CRM, they need a sales engagement tool for their outreach. If you want your SDR’s to fly, you need to give them wings. Give them an email cadence tool or an automated touch plan platform and unleash their productivity. Don’t shackle it to a CRM.


Save your Salesforce licenses for your account execs and your inside sales reps, and set your prospecting teams up with an account-based sales engagement tool instead. OppSource accomplishes this without the extra salesforce licenses by integrating all the data from our system into SFDC with a single-user API. The result? SDR’s using our platform can do their daily work, and it seamlessly flows into the CRM – without all the extra user licenses.


So how much does a sales engagement platform cost?

Answer: If you cut out the redundancies, it will pay for itself.



Sam McCue
Inbound Marketing guru, avid fisherman, and all-around backcountry enthusiast.

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