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Capitalizing on the Moment of Interest

Capitalizing on the Moment of Interest

As previously noted, we’re all about Moment-of-Interest Marketing over here. Prospects want to seek, find, and learn as fast as possible…and then move onto something else. If you’re not capitalizing on demonstrated interest when it happens, you might miss your small window of opportunity altogether.

In part two of his two-part interview with ZDNet, Mark discusses the need for catching prospects right in their moment of interest in order to have a meaningful discussion while they’re emotionally connected to the topic. Here’s a preview from the full article available on ZDNet:

Brian Sommer, ZDNet: What’s the BEST best practice you’re seeing today?

Mark Galloway, OppSource: The velocity at which prospects research and consume information is incredible today. Timing your engagement with them has never been more important. We designed a best practice we call Moment of Interest Marketing™ into our standard lead generation workflows. Most of the clients we work with have way too much latency built in their prospect inquiry follow up process. Marketing collects inquiries and then batches them up for later follow up by inside sales or telemarketing. We instead try to enable either an online chat or outbound telephone reachout within 10 minutes of a prospect taking some kind of action with online content. We catch them in their “moment of interest.” They are emotionally connected to the topic and content you want to discuss and your chances of actually getting a hold of them are much higher. Read more…

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