How Can Artificial Intelligence Impact Sales Prospecting Today?

Sales Development ‌• November 20, 2017

There has been so much written about artificial intelligence (AI) in the past 24 months. If you listen to all the hyperbole, robots and AI will be putting us all out of jobs any day now.


The reality is that the current state of broad-based AI and neural networks are a long way out from replacing broad spectrum human reasoning. Using a form of Moore’s Law, many AI experts and industry analysts predict that could be at least 50 years out. That said, narrow AI is a different story. Think of narrow AI as something akin to a subject matter expert who knows a ton about a very specific subject. The more context and experience an SME gets, the more valuable they become in bringing experiential support to their domain of expertise.


“Think of narrow AI as something akin to a subject matter expert who knows a great deal about a very specific subject”


To that end, this is where we are focusing our use of AI to address some very seminal and pragmatic challenges that B2B sales has.  Let me be more specific.  Sales professionals interact with a lot of different people every day.  


  • Their brains have to not only be thinking proactively about what question to ask next, they also have to keep track of all the responses a prospect or customer provides them.  

  • They have to parse and summarize these conversations to pick out the most important pieces of intel and data that will help them progress a sales opportunity into the next step. 


Multiply that across many conversations a day and you can start to see why many of these important data elements never get captured.  It is a lot of work and it takes enormous discipline for sales reps to actually perform and execute this type of thought processing with each conversation.

This is where we are working to make narrow AI have a huge impact on B2B sales prospecting in the next few years.  


       These pieces of data when consistently captured empower all types of proactive data-driven automation that further fuels customer engagement in a much more relevant and proactive way.  All the while, it is being done passively and automatically without the sales rep ever having to type a single character or analyze multiple conversations to find the insights and patterns that allow them to bring relevancy to their next engaging customer conversation.  

Every conversation further refines the AI lexicon and learning, and the AI sales assistant and subject matter expert just keeps getting smarter and bringing more relevant and contextual understanding.

We believe this is a very pragmatic use case for AI that saves massive amounts of sales time, finds and surfaces more hidden insights, and sets today’s sales rep up as a more relevant and valuable resource to every prospect and customer.






Mark Galloway
Co-Founder and CEO. Modernizing B2B Sales Engagement, Motivated by new breakthroughs every day.

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