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Calling High

Calling High

I came across an interesting blog article discussing why telesales professionals often feel uncomfortable in calling high and speaking with senior executive contacts.  The author makes some intriguing observations about one’s social background and status as potential impediments in having the confidence to call on CXO’s.  As a professional sales trainer, he suggests that the fear most sales people have in calling high has to do with a perception of class structure and “place” in society.  Having come from more of blue collar upbringing myself, I can appreciate what the author is saying as I have occasioned similar feelings as described in the article.  That being said, I also know that men and women across all walks of life put their pants/pantsuits on one leg at a time just like we all do.  I think the reality is that in order to feel confident about calling on higher level executives, you have to have some empathy for their daily work routine, priorities, and responsibilities.  If you can put yourself into their shoes, you stand a much better chance of effectively engaging, building rapport and earning initial credibility with this person.  Truth of the matter is, I also agree with the premise the higher you call, generally the more friendly the executive is.  Leaders treat other human beings with higher levels of respect than non-leaders and so the dirty little secret for telesales professionals is that the higher you call – the nicer the contact is – and the better the chance for identifying or creating a new opportunity.

What are your thoughts?

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